What We Do?

We believe in the concept of People Centred Advocacy that engages the spirit of democracy, serving as an advocacy method that is by the people, of the people, and for the people. By empowering people to advocate on their own behalf, NCAS engages People Centred Advocacy as an effective and sustainable approach to advocacy initiatives.


  • Oct / 2016

    Coming Soon : Youth Convention

    In today\'s well connected world it is very important to keep track of international processes. BRICS is one of the major blocks which consists of leading developing economies in the world/ Sharing and learning more about the processes is not only interesting but also necessary for today’s youth.

  • Aug / 2016

    Victory of People

    We are pleased to announce that MHRD has responded positively on making the NEP input draft available in the various Indian languages which was NCAS's major demand from the start. Input draft is now available in various languages .

  • Aug / 2016

    Consultation Meeting on the Draft Nation Policy of Education 2016

    NCAS and IIE cordially hosted a consultation on 11-12 August 2016 at J.P. Naik Centre for Education and Development, Pune. This consultation is being organised to discuss NEP draft and suggest concrete inputs to the MHRD.

About NCAS

National Centre for Advocacy Studies (NCAS) emerged as a result of the collective vision and commitment by social activists who felt the need for a resource centre to facilitate advocacy for issues of public concern, specifically the rights of marginalised people. NCAS is a social change resource centre that aims at creating enabling conditions for people’s empowerment at the grass-roots and facilitating efforts for human rights, social justice, transparent, participatory and accountable governance.

The focus of NCAS' activities is in India and South Asia and it has emerged as a premier organisation for People Centred Advocacy throughout the Global South.NCAS works as a collective of activists, researchers, public interest lawyers, journalists and subject experts. It has pioneered the concept and praxis of “People-Centred Advocacy”.


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